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COVID-19 Senior Response Program

Truepill is committed to helping seniors get their prescriptions delivered

With COVID-19 impacting patient communities, keeping prescriptions stocked at home has become incredibly challenging. Truepill wants to help seniors and other at-risk individuals, especially those restricted by stay-at-home policies, by delivering medication right to their door.

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Women looking right

Right now, our seniors are particularly vulnerable

For at-risk seniors, maintaining a prescription treatment plan is essential. With COVID-19 restrictions requiring individuals to remain at home, a pharmacy trip has become both challenging and inconvenient.

Truepill can help at-risk patients

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Stay Home

Avoid the line at your local pharmacy with at-home medication delivery

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Pay Less

We accept most insurance, including Medicare, and can provide cash options

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Keep Treatment

Automatic refills ensure you’ll never miss or need to modify your treatment plan

How to enroll in our program


Contact our team via
phone or email


We will gather your prescription details


The best pricing options will be presented for review


Medications ship to your door, no need to leave home

Quyhn Do - Head of Pharmacy

Our team is here to help

To have your prescriptions delivered, or to discuss the needs of another patient, contact our pharmacy team using the links below.

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"We don’t see this as a time of panic, but rather a time to be prudent and keep our families, communities, and co-workers safe. We recognize there are a growing number of aging, at-risk patients that aren’t receiving the care they need. This is our chance to help."

Umar Afridi - Truepill CEO & Co-founder

Umar Afridi,
Truepill CEO & Co-founder

Additional COVID-19 Resources for Seniors & Caregivers

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Delivery to all affected areas

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We are operating 24/7 to ensure at-risk patients are receiving their prescriptions on-time. Our pharmacies are distributed to reach all 50 States, and refills typically arrive within 3 days.

Licensed & Accredited

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Our U.S. pharmacy network meets the industry’s highest accreditation requirements for patient safety and privacy. We’ve been trusted by patients and partners alike with the delivery of millions of prescriptions to date.

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